Footwear Quality Control

At AQL SYSTEMS, we focus on providing quality Control Service Right from the start™. Our Quality Control Programs help you to cut costs and virtually eliminate client charge backs while achieving a minimum of 200% return on your investment in our fees.

Every single product we produce carries with it a 2 stage set of production samples, order confirmation samples for every style in each color is supplied to our customer prior to production with a second sign of pre shipment set of samples offered also to ensure our customers know that everything they have ordered will indeed arrive to the agreed specification (this includes packaging and any labeling requested).

Behind these sign off samples our QC teams work independently of the factory and operate on behalf of AQL SYSTEMS from the very start of the goods inwards process in ensuring the materials and components purchased to produce or orders are 100% as the signed of pre-production samples and that process follows through every single aspect of the production process leading up to the shipment of the final sign off samples and the goods being sent.