Footwear Concept & Design

AQL SYSTEMS's experienced, Footwear design team is positioned with its fingers on the pulse of fashion, trends and new technologies around the World. Well-organized procedures allow our team to utilize state-of-the-art systems to design and communicate directly with buyers/factories.


When it comes to creating a range of footwear our creative design team have the experience and capability to bring together influences from wherever needed and to add that certain point of difference to ensure from the very start the product not only fits in with the brands message and thinking but also possibly pushes into areas of footwear that the brand may well never had considered when the initial thoughts of a footwear range had been conceived.


All designs created include the relevant views of the product combined with cross sections where required to enable the brand to present the range to its potential customers and so ensure that from the very start the brands customer can get a great feel for the products well ahead of any initial prototype or sample.